Welcome to our blog. We are passionate about domains and traffic. Do you host your own websites or do you want to?

There is nothing more exciting than waking up and checking how much traffic your domains got throughout the night while you were sleeping.

But how can you get traffic to your brand new domain you just launched? Ask neil patel and he'll break it down for you:
  1. YouTube
  2. Udemy
  3. Podcast Tour
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram
  6. Host Virtual Summit
  7. Facebook Groups
Let's talk about each one and FYI you better love your site and want to talk and talk and talk about it non-stop to the world and if you don't want to talk this much about your site, think of another idea.
  1. YouTube: this means you have to produce videos. Lots of them. And post them. And there is a trick - the first 24 hours after your video is live counts a lot. You need likes and comments and shares from friends to make the video continue to get views after that first day.
  2. Udemy: offer to teach something! Teach a class in how people can benefit from your website hehe!
  3. Podcast Tour: You want website visitors? Go on podcast after podcast (there are thousands of them!) and promote it.
  4. Pinterest: Look for boards with 20-30 pins already and help out. If some of the boards would benefit from links to your site, so be it.
  5. Instagram: There is an app called tailwind that can automate both pinterest and the gram.
  6. Host a Virtual Summit: oh yeah. this is a big step but why not? Do you have something to offer to people available only on your site?
  7. Facebook Groups: Join a group. Your first THREE weeks in the group just be nice and share other people's stuff. Comment on THEIR stuff. Then and only then, start to post links to your site.
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